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    TOPIC: Newborn Sessions.

    Another Brother | Pittsburgh Newborn Photography at Home

    Gracious, my blogging laziness seems to have reached record levels. But I have sweet sessions from my friends to share, so I’m going to knock some out. Get ready!

    This one takes us back to April and the arrival of baby P to my longtime boo Laura’s family. It’s hard for me to remember a time now when Mr. O, her first little boy, wasn’t around to crack us up with his wit and wisdom. ¬†And I’m sure before long we’ll feel the same way about his little brother. P is like the zen-master–he pretty much spends his life giggling and snoozing, so he is a little dream.

    See if you can tell at what point in this photo shoot we start slinging a stuffed monkey into the ceiling fan and watching it spin.

    Pittsburgh newborn photography

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