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    TOPIC: Family Sessions.

    Formal Fun | Memphis Family Photography

    At my regular gig at Overton Park, we have a membership program where one of the perks to a 1971 Membership is a photo session in the park with me. We’re a pretty young little nonprofit (we turned two last month), so we’re working our way up to those larger donations. To kick off the program, we did a little shoot in the formal gardens with the four children of one of our board members. And they were DELIGHTFUL.

    Perhaps it’s because my own memories of childhood photo shoots involve a lot of scratching, clawing, eye-rolling, and general strife. (And that was just two of us!) But these four just genuinely enjoy each other, and appreciate each others’ quirks. They were so loving and so happy to be around each other. (Check out the Classic Little Brother moment midway through, when Cameron spontaneously licks a tree and Meriweather responds with a horrified glee.) Even the dog was a breeze to work with.

    I hope to do many more of these Overton Park shoots in the future!

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  2. Jan

    TOPIC: Extended Family Sessions.

    Happy Mayhem | Memphis Extended Family Photography

    In my last Project 365 post, I referenced that one of the coolest parts of taking portraits is that I get to hold onto connections made long in the past.  Specifically, I was referring to my kindergarten teacher Carol (who will always be Mrs. Cordon to me) and her wonderful family.  Her daughter Holly, who was one of my best elementary school friends, just had her twins, Taylor and Austin, a few months ago, and her son Cole is now four.  She decided for a Christmas present for her whole crew to do a marathon extended family shoot.  And a marathon it was–a delightful, happy marathon.

    Holly’s husband Tyler’s parents came first, and then Carol and her husband Glenn arrived, along with Holly’s sister Rachel and her kids Zadie and Peyton.  The kids could not have been more fascinated with the train car at Oaklawn.  The icing on the cake was when an actual train passed by.  There were so many moments I loved from this afternoon: Zadie and Cole tossing leaves at each other and then adopting the exact same pose while hanging off a tree, Peyton’s glee at the train, Carol’s ringing laugh as she attempted to wrangle Peyton for the big Cordon group shot, Glenn casually starting a leaf fight and turning Cole into a leaf monster…

    We had a blast.  And I bet everybody slept really well that night.

    Memphis Germantown TN extended family photographer

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  3. Jan

    TOPIC: Duo Sessions.

    Sibling Revelry | Youngstown Kids Photography

    Sibling Revelry…was that the name of a short-lived comic strip in the 90s? (Google says: YES. And this page collects a couple of the actual strips, revealing that I actually remember the “Stew steals a candy bar that turns out to be a free sample” storyline. This in turn jogs my memory to the fact that I used to cut out comic strips and put them in a binder. Wait a second…do I secretly write a comic strip blog? It wouldn’t really surprise me.)

    Anyway, before I went all 90s tangent-y there, I was going to intro the latest round of adventures with my dear friend Joanna’s kids Julia and Jude. I went up to Pittsburgh for a weekend in September, and one of my first stops was over in Youngstown to hang out with the Js. We went to a local park and garden, where we admired the flowers and stormed the steps of the “castle” (actually a small chapel). Then we rewarded ourselves with some Cold Stone. Jude discovered that when he put some ice cream into a bottle of Sprite, volcanic hilarity ensued, and I discovered that volcanic ice cream makes me laugh as though I myself were three years old. As always, I had a glorious time with these folks. They are some of the dearest people in the world to me.

    Please enjoy these photos, especially the series in which Jules decides to give Jude a kiss on the cheek and turns it into a TKO. In the final shot, Joanna is yelling, “Jules! You can stop! He’s in full submit!” Note also Jude’s dramatic transformations into The Hulk. He’s a big fan of the Bill Bixby series, and he has an entire sequence that he follows to turn from Dr. Banner into The Hulk. He’ll even rescue a damsel if one presents herself!

    Youngstown Kid Photography

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  4. Dec

    TOPIC: Family Sessions.

    Charlie & Cooper | Memphis Family Photography

    I have been lucky enough to photograph many twins over the past few years, but Charlie and Cooper were my first set of twin brothers. (Well, unless you count Cam and Nate, but they’re teenagers, which is an entirely different experience than photographing toddlers!) Charlie and Cooper belong to one of my school classmates, Kristi, and her husband Josh. It’s always so fun to hear from someone I haven’t seen in forever and get a peek into what their lives are like now.

    We let the boys frolic in the yard for a while before attempting a Christmas card photo of them in their red and green pajamas. This mostly involved them enjoying animal crackers in their tiny rocking chairs–which is exactly what Christmas should be, if you ask me. :)

    Enjoy the photos of these handsome little gentlemen.

    Memphis family photography - C Family

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  5. Dec

    TOPIC: Family Sessions.

    Golden Afternoon | Memphis Family Photography

    Time to start knocking out this blog backlog–I think I can, I think I can! First up is this session with the gorgeous Meghan, Ryan, and Olivia, on the most beautiful mid-September afternoon. We met by the pond in Chickasaw Gardens, which was full of magnolia trees and glowing goldenrod. Olivia spent the better part of the afternoon giggling uncontrollably at her dad. This session was full of warmth, which makes it a pleasure to revisit on a chilly winter day!

    Lifestyle family photography in Memphis

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