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  1. Mar

    TOPIC: Solo Sessions.

    Downtown Abby | Memphis Senior Portraits

    (Yeah, I did that with the title. Sometimes you can’t stop yourself.)

    In early October I had the pleasure of taking Abby’s senior portraits, accompanied by her mom Lee. When I worked at the hospital, Lee was my boss’ boss, and she was always so cheerful and friendly that I wasn’t surprised at the delight she takes in her daughter. The day after our photo session, they were headed on a trip to several different cities to check out rock bands and colleges. LOVE IT.

    We chose Harbor Town and Mud Island as our locations, and they couldn’t have been more perfect. (I’d really been sleeping on Mud Island up until a few months ago!) We started out at Cafe Eclectic to fuel up and got going from there.

    Abby is planning to be a psychologist and wants to go to college in New York. I have no doubt she’ll be an incredible success and have an enthusiastic cheering section wherever she goes!

    Abby - senior photos on Mud Island Memphis

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  2. Sep

    TOPIC: Solo Sessions.

    So Much To See | Memphis Child Photography

    The always-amazing Grant was my first of probably many subjects to have photos made at Rainbow Lake Playground.  I’ve had a front-row seat to the playground’s renovation, since that’s been our major project for the better part of the last year at my regular gig.  It’s such a beautiful, colorful place full of good vibes and happy kids, so it’s a perfect backdrop for photos without sacrificing that natural park-like look.

    Grant was super-fascinated by all the goings-on, and we even had an impromptu assist in amusing him from a passing four-year-old.

    Rainbow Lake Playground family photos

    Grant is nine months old now, and standing on the bench (with his daddy as a spotter, of course!) was his favorite part of the day.Rainbow Lake Playground family photos

    Oh, those eyes.Rainbow Lake Playground family photos

    He let himself go for the swings with wild abandon.Rainbow Lake Playground family photosRainbow Lake Playground family photos

    One of the trees around Rainbow Lake had the perfect Grant-sized spot.Rainbow Lake Playground family photosRainbow Lake Playground family photos

    “I don’t know so much about this sandbox.”Rainbow Lake Playground family photos

    “That’s better.”Rainbow Lake Playground family photos

    This grit and determination allowed him to scale the mini-climbing wall all by himself.Rainbow Lake Playground family photosRainbow Lake Playground family photos

    Standing up is where it’s at.Rainbow Lake Playground family photos

    Can’t wait for this little dude’s first birthday in a couple of months!!

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  3. Nov

    TOPIC: Solo Sessions.

    Senior Pics: Ransom

    I took a brief, unintentional blogging hiatus over the last couple of months, but never fear–I have plenty of fun new stuff to share.  Today’s photos come courtesy of a senior shoot I did at the Mississippi home of Ransom (a schoolmate of Megan’s at SBEC).  We were watched attentively throughout by his family’s donkeys, which I’m pretty sure was a first for me.  And though I love the multi-outfit fun of shooting with senior girls, I really liked Ransom’s color choice because it worked so well with our surroundings: an old barn, a red trailer, Ransom’s childhood treehouse, and of course: the Jeep.

    Enjoy the photos! 


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  4. Jun

    TOPIC: Solo Sessions.

    Memphis Senior Photography – Megan G

    Now that the class of 2011 has moved on to the next phase, it’s time for the Class of 2012 to take center stage.  That means senior portrait season is in full swing, and I couldn’t have asked for a better first 2012 subject than Megan.

    Let me tell you, Megan has special powers–we met at 7:30am in downtown Memphis to try and outrun the 100+ degree heat index (we were successful for oh, 15 minutes).  We took photos in an un-air-conditioned room atop the Peabody Hotel.  We met up again in the evening for some photos at SBEC and a Southaven park, and through this whole marathon Megan looked beautiful and composed.  I, on the other hand, had almost as many costume changes thanks to the heat, and I was an unfortunate sight to see by the end of the day!

    A few of my favorites are below, but you can check out Megan’s full slideshow at the end of this post.  Memphis and North Mississippi seniors: I would love to work with you on your senior portraits!  Check out my rates and give me a call–I’m up for anything.

    We started off on South Main because we thought it would be cool to have Megan play her keyboard in front of the bass clef that’s part of the symbol mural there.  We attracted a few eyeballs, but it was early enough that most of the neighborhood was too sleepy to notice.

    South Main Mural

    South Main doorstep

    After enjoying the South Main sights for a while, we headed up the street to the Orpheum.  Megan’s an actress as well as a musician, so a stop at the theater was a must.


    Love this one on the trolley tracks near the river.  Shout-out to Megan’s mom right about now–it was blisteringly hot and she was using my diffuser panel to make Megan some shade!

    Train tracks


    Showin’ the Grizzlies some love.

    Believe Memphis

    Our next stop was the park by the Memphis Visitor’s Center.

    Megan and Trees

    Under the Trees

    Our last stop for the morning was The Peabody, whose staff was incredibly gracious and let us into the Skybridge room for a few shots with the piano and the stage curtains.  Megan has saved the t-shirts from all her plays at SBEC and gathered them for the occasion.  Awesome!


    At the piano

    We regrouped in the evening for some more shots at school and at Jim Saucier Park in Southaven (a really lovely little spot!).




    You can see more of Megan’s photos in this slideshow.

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  5. May

    TOPIC: Solo Sessions.

    Daffodil Vintage 5: At Last, Daffodils

    When Tara first started Daffodil Vintage, it was only a little after the actual daffodils of spring had faded (you may recall that our first photo shoot happened on one of the hottest days of July).  So I was happy that we had a chance to take advantage of the store’s namesake before I left Pittsburgh, in our Schenley Plaza / Frick Fine Arts Building photo shoot.

    Also making a star turn?  The wind!  Who needs to rent a wind machine when the day is so naturally blustery?  Our models–Bridgette and Melody (who you might remember from Fashion for Food), Ashley (who blogs at The Commander in Chic), and Sarah (of the super-fun Cathedral of Learning shoot and Clutch fame)–braved the breezes with nary a wardrobe malfunction in sight.  The shoot was super-fun as usual, and I hope to continue these whenever I get back to Pittsburgh (which, as we all know, will be OFTEN).

    Here’s Bridgette totally embodying the spring aesthetic.

    Ashley at the Mary Schenley Fountain.

    Sarah heads out of the wind and into the Frick Fine Arts Building.

    I admit I was a little skeptical that the folks staffing and studying in the library would be fine with us doing fashion shots in their quiet space, but we whispered all our directions and tried to be quick about it. ‘Cause we’re reverent like that.

    Melody rocks the red.

    The Frick Fine Arts Building walls are covered in reproductions of 15th-century Renaissance paintings.  This one is “The Arrival of the Ambassadors,” originally by Vittore Carpaccio, which tells the story of Saint Ursula.  Do yourself a favor and check it out sometime–like the other paintings, it is absolutely gorgeous.

    Sarah makes friends wherever she goes!

    After our indoor break, we headed over to Schenley Plaza for some carousel and daffodil time.

    And finally, one of my favorite trees–this magnolia over by the William Pitt Union.

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