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    TOPIC: Family Sessions.

    Honey’s Grandbabies | Bartlett Family Photography

    When Carol, one of my all-time favorite teachers, suggested we attempt something different in photographing her five grandchildren this spring, I was totally game. We photograph the whole clan every year, but she wanted to put the spotlight on each individual kid for a little bit and let them each be the star. We had Zadie looking like the perfect princess, the twins Austin and Taylor cracking up at bubbles, the oldest Cole presiding over it all, and Peyton happily playing and digging in the yard. I also need to mention that Carol’s garden is insanely beautiful, but that’s sort of self-evident in the photos.

    My favorite part of the whole sequence is when Zadie, Cole, and Peyton discover that there are worms to be dug in the pond, and approach this exercise with a mixture of eagerness and disgust.  And then start squirting each other with the water.  I was having a hard time shooting between cracking up so much.

    Bartlett child photography

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