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    TOPIC: Family Sessions.

    Pink Ladies | Bartlett Family Photography

    My pals Shelby and Chris wanted to give their moms some new photos of Tamsie and Evie for Mother’s Day. We were nearing the end of azalea season, but I managed to find some bushes still in bloom over at the Elva Bledsoe gazebo in Bartlett. Because after all, these twin girls basically live in pink, so I could think of nothing better than a burst of color.

    You can tell that they both fell in love with the many pine cones in the general vicinity, and that Evie takes tickling very seriously. And the little section where Tamsie is leaning over the gazebo wall and fluffing her hair like a total pro? Totally unprompted. I almost could not believe I was watching a two-year-old. Shelby’s always said Tamsie’s the “show pony” of the two because she’s always hamming it up, and this was a pretty spot-on example!

    Bartlett family photography

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