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Why Lifestyle?

So when I say I shoot “lifestyle portraits,” what does that mean?

It means that the primary goal of your session is to show what your life looks like at this particular moment. That can take a lot of forms—if your family loves to pick strawberries at a local orchard, we can set your session there. If you love going downtown and exploring quirky shops, I’ll tag along while you have an adventure. A lot of times, it means a shoot at your home, where we can capture not just your family but the everyday details that make up your life.

A lifestyle session is distinct from a studio session, where the environment is very controlled. Studio portraits can be absolutely stunning, but my heart is with lifestyle portraits. There are infinite ways to create a lifestyle session, and my job is to work with you to create one that’s distinctly YOU.


All session prices include the session itself, plus the high-resolution digital files on either a disc or a USB drive. There is never any obligation to purchase anything else or try to conform to a pre-set package deal. You can typically expect to spend between $550 and $725 + tax for the session and digital files, depending on which type of session you choose.

I also offer prints via my professional lab, as well as wall canvases and custom-designed photo albums.
If there’s something beautiful and interesting you want to do with your photos, chances are we can make it happen together.

To get the full pricing list, contact me.