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Your Session

First and foremost, your session should be about you. That means we’ll consider everything from location, activity, clothing, and time of day so that the photos reflect you and your family at your best. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of shooting at home vs. shooting on-location, work around kids’ naptimes, and chase the best light. But above all, I want you to have fun and feel natural. We’ll get some traditional posed shots, but I really want to capture how you interact with and experience each other.

All sessions with children are accompanied by some form of terrible singing and/or really embarrassing dancing. If your session is adults-only, I can’t promise that I’ll volunteer myself to sing, but I work for you. Make a request and see what happens.

There are six session types to choose from. For detailed pricing, fill out the session inquiry form.

Family Session

1 – 3 hours
At-home or on-location shoot designed especially for immediate families: parents, kids, and pets.

Newborn Session

1 – 3 hours
A family session focused around the newborn, these always take place in your home.

Extended Family Session

2 – 3 hours
Where regular family sessions are limited to parents and children, extended family shoots can include as many people as you want.

The Duo

1 – 2 hours
Perfect for engagements, expectant couples, just-because shoots, or shoots with just the kids.

The Solo

1 – 2 hours
Great for senior portraits, headshots, or images of a single child.

Mini Session

15 – 20 minutes
Available ONLY to clients who have had a full session or placed a deposit on a future full session within one year of the mini. Minis are a great way to supplement an annual family session with quick maternity shoots or milestone shoots during baby’s first year. Book three minis in a single year and the third is half-price!